On Assignment


Three great events in a row!

Friday morning it’s off to visit the friendly folks in Glasgow for the Chamber Quarterly Breakfast at the TJ Samson Community Center


Saturday to be with the good people of Franklin for the Cherry Blossom Festival



And on Sunday, to the Bowling Green Country Club for Easter Brunch where master chef Jarrad will be performing his masterful culinary skills.Master Chef Jarrad prepares butter beef

A Great Day at the Ballpark

Sunny skies, a light breeze out of the southwest, championship baseball, and people enjoying themselves.DSC_0012

A Charley Owens custom cane
Bats for sale
Miss RK

The Best Ballpark Burger Only $4, served up friendly style.Not puny burgers either, and with charcoal flavor.


Every good story has a picture, the story here is a love of nature.

Exposure check









Break time



Up in Michigan

Jimbob knows when to step back and call in the professionals. He dropped a dime today on the good folks at Fuqua Appliance Repair and request help on repairing the clothes dryer. Out came  a highly trained technician by the name of Todd who is originally from Michigan. They started talking and Jimbob thought he’d put together a quick song about Todd.



She said she loved me but that was a lie

So I stepped into my van and I said goodbye

Now I’ve got my van and a hundred bucks

I’m feeling real bad and  I’m out of luck

I’m low on fuel and out of love

I lost that girl when she gave me a shove

I sold my van and bought me a truck

Got some tools and I got unstuck


It’s good to be down south again

and not up north in Michigan


I drove back north up to Michigan

To hear her voice and to touch her skin

It’s good to be back south again

and not up north in Michigan

She was just like a ball of fire

I turned out to be just a flat flat tire


It’s good to be back south  again

and not up north in Michigan

Old School

Jimbob ran across a fellow writer and musician yesterday who goes by the name of B.H. After they signed each others’  non-disclosure agreement.he pulled out a notebook and pen while Jimbob went to his car and brought back camera. They had a good talk about different things, and Jimbob noted that B.H.’s  Harley looked old school. “Well, it is an ’02,” he said. How did ’02 get to be old is the thought that came Jimbob’s mind. They talked for a bit longer and went their ways.  On the way home it occurred to Jimbob that it would be real easy for the two of them to sit on the porch, sip some lemonade or ice tea and trade stories. It also passed across Jimbob’s mind that he reminded me of Chris Rea.  .Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 7.41.46 PM


B.H., this one’s for  you

Road To Hell